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Forum8 Custom allows the Purchaser to dictate the values of every major* and minor element, as their system rquirements dictate.  If the salt is going to be employed in a recirculating ecosystem, such as a model ecosystem for marine or transitional environments, then we recommend that values of the major ions remain within the ranges listed at the bottom of this window, however this is entirely up to the Purchaser.


*One parameter, chloride, is held as a degree of freedom, meaning that the final value is entirely determined by the Purchaser-defined values of the major, minor, and trace elements.  In salt blends which diverge considerably from natural seawater ratios of Mg, Ca, and K, it is possible that the sulfate concentration will diverge from the NSW percent by mass content, though we do our best to balance this ratio.


Alkalinity and pH values may be requested by the Purchaser; we will advise recommended values based upon the salinity of the final salt water solution.


Trace element concentrations of this formulation are calculated by comparing the salinity value resulting from the sum of major and minor elements.


  • As with all Formul8 and Formul8x formulations, this product is clean and leaves no residue in mixing vessels.
  • Any volume of salt water can be produced (up to the total amount of salt components purchased) with ionic consistency in each batch of salt water generally exceeding 99% (this assumes consistent, accurate measurements of each component by Purchaser or User).  There is no need to perform preliminary analysis of such ions as Mg, Ca, K, etc., before using the salt water produced with this product.  Alkalinity and pH values of the final salt water solution will be scaled against the salinity value.


How the process works:

  1. Purcahser orders the quantity of 400 USG units of salt desired.
  2. We will send an email to the Purchaser, in which Purchaser will provide the desired values of the ions listed below, as well as the desired alkalinity and pH values.
  3. Upon receipt of the Purchaser's ionic requirements, we will calculate the final salinity, as well as the chloride value, alkalinity, and pH, of the blend when newly-mixed, and provide this information to Purchaser for their reference.  The values will be accurate at 400 gallons of water.  Purchaser provides final approval, and production process begins.


Due to the custom nature of this process, we do not accept cancellations once Purchaser approves ionic values (at the end of Step 3).


Lead time on production is generally 7 business days from the date of Purchaser approval.


Purchaser will dictate values for the following mjaor and minor ions.

  • Magnesium (recommended 1,200 - 1,400 ppm)
  • Calcium (recommended 350 - 550 ppm)
  • Potassium (recommended 350 - 500 ppm)
  • Bromide (recommended 50 - 70 ppm)
  • Strontium (recommended 7 - 10 ppm)
  • Boron (recommended 4.450 - 6.000 ppm)
  • Fluoride (recommended 1.292 - 2.000 ppm)
  • Rubidium (recommended 0.119 - 0.150 ppm)
  • Iodide (recommended 0.050 - 0.080 ppm)

Formul8 Custom Sea Salt Blend (Purchaser defines values)

  • Purchase of this item requires that purchaser agree to Terms and Conditions, and to Return and Refund Policy. This step is completed at checkout.
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